Living in The Sacramento Railyards: a Vision for 2020 and Beyond

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Living in The Sacramento Railyards: a Vision for 2020 and Beyond

November 14, 2017 | By The Railyards

What will The Railyards look like in 2020? Whether you plan on being one of the first residents of the development or simply want an excuse to come visit, here’s what you can expect to find in The Railyards over the next few years.

Living in The Railyards

Want to be a modern-day pioneer? The first residential housing project in The Railyards is in the works and you could be one of the first people to call The Railyards home.

The first residential project at The Railyards is expected to be completed by 2020.

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MLS Soccer Stadium

Sacramento is forging ahead with plans to build a Major League Soccer Stadium that will will accommodate approximately 20,000 sport or concert attendees in The Railyards. Located on approximately 13-acres in the Railyards’ East End District, the open air stadium will be built between 8th and 10th streets north of Railyards Blvd.

The stadium venue offers the opportunity for a variety of year-round sporting and entertainment events.

For an idea of how large the MLS stadium will be, consider this: the Golden 1 Center’s capacity for Kings’ games is 17,608 attendees.

The MLS stadium is expected to be completed in The Railyards by 2020.

Kaiser Medical Center

Kaiser is bringing a new, state-of-the-art Kaiser Permanente Medical Center to The Railyards. This approximately 1.3 million SF campus will be located on approximately 18 acres in the West End District of The Railyards, north of Railyards Blvd. and west of 5th Street.

The KP Medical Center will offer a comprehensive range of health care services to Kaiser members in the region, including a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient primary and specialty care services. The Kaiser Medical center will bring many healthcare job opportunities to The Railyards.

Phase 1 of the KP Medical Center project, which includes a new hospital building, adjacent hospital support building, and a parking structure, is anticipated to begin in 2018 and to be completed in 2023.


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The 9 Principles Guiding The Railyards Specific Plan

The 9 Principles Guiding The Railyards Specific Plan

Dive deep into the 9 principles providing the overarching guidance for the development of the Sacramento Railyard.


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Central Shops District

The Central Shops District is a 500,000+ SF retail district featuring eateries, entertainment, art galleries, distinctive retails shops, and museum.

The centerpiece for the Central Shops District is the eight remaining historic buildings from the original Central Pacific Railroad Yard, constructed between 1868 and 1917. These shops are being preserved, restored, and adaptively reused to become a vibrant destination district.

A completion date for the Central Shops District has not been announced yet.

Railyard Technology Museum

With more than 600,000 paying visitors per year, the Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento is one of the region’s largest tourism draws. The next natural step for the Railroad Museum is to extend it into the historic Central Shops buildings in The Railyards, where people have been asking for tours and access for years.

This planned extension of Sacramento’s highly popular Railroad Museum is the Railroad Technology Museum, a unique museum of science, technology, and innovation. The Railroad Technology Museum’s main galleries will highlight the past, showcase the present, and explore the future with dynamic, hands-on exhibits. Its publicly accessible Restoration Shop will continue the time-honored work of craftspersons and artisans, and support Vocational Education training programs.

This vibrant, interactive museum complex will commemorate Sacramento’s incredible railroad heritage, and showcase the evolution of railroad technology—pointing the way to a greener future for California.

The Railroad Technology Museum will be located in the Central Shops District of The Railyards.

A completion date for the Museum has not been announced yet.

Will You be the First?

In the 1800s, bold pioneers made the move to the Sacramento area -driven by the desire to find their fortunes and build their own future during the Gold Rush, and later, as part of the burgeoning railroad industry.

At its peak, The Railyards area was the center of innovation in the City and the region’s leading employment center.

For years, the former railroad shop yards have been in disuse, waiting to be renewed, restored, and re-energized.

And now that time has come.

The Railyards project has been steadily marching forward behind-the-scenes, and the next few years promise to be an exciting time for the future of Sacramento.

Projects like the MLS stadium and Kaiser Medical Center will bring jobs back to The Railyards. Innovative trailblazers will rush to make a residential housing opportunity their own and be the first to call The Railyards home. The stadium, Central Shops District, and museum will offer cultural and entertainment opportunities that will draw visitors from near and far.

The Railyards project will take time to fully reach its vision, but one thing is clear… by 2020, The Railyards will certainly look different than it does today. What upcoming project excites you the most?

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