Your Essential Guide to Sacramento's Cycling Scene

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Your Essential Guide to Sacramento's Cycling Scene

August 10, 2022 | By The Railyards

If you're a pedal pusher at heart, you're not alone. Sacramento is home to a thriving cycling community! In fact, Sacramento was even given a silver award from the League of American Bicyclists for being a Bicycle Friendly City. If you’re new to the area or a new cyclist, discover how to become part of the cycling community here in Sactown.

Discover Sacramento Cycling Events

Sacramento Bike and Scooter Classes

The City of Sacramento hosts ongoing classes to teach residents more about laws cyclists need to know when riding in the city, how to be safe when cycling on the street, and tips to make your rides more enjoyable. Register for a webinar.

Cycle September

Cycle September is a fun, friendly bike challenge. You can take the challenge and earn points for every day and mile that you ride in September. Cyclists can participate as individuals, with their workplaces, or with a club or group.

National Bike Month in May

Each May is National Bike Month when communities across the country celebrate the benefits of cycling. Join the challenge to replace car trips with bike trips in May. You can participate in Bike Month by making a pledge to ride a certain amount and logging your rides. Can’t wait for May? You can pledge and connect with other riders year-round, too!

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates Events

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates promotes local bicycle events as well as cycling-friendly events. Discover local events for cyclists, bike repair clinics, and even which local concerts have bike valet parking. View their calendar.

Enjoy Your Commute by Bike

Kick your workday off on the right foot with a brisk bike ride to the office in the morning. Your best bicycle commute options will depend on where you work, your schedule, and how far you have to commute. Here's how to get started.

Plan A Route to Commute by Bike

You have many options for getting to work by bike, depending on your schedule and the length of your commute. Popular options include riding to and from the office, biking to a carpool or rideshare, or to and from public transit. Sac Region 511 can help you discover the best bike paths to use to get to work.

Cyclist-Friendly Public Transit in Sacramento

Public transit in the Sacramento area offers options for cyclists looking to make their bikes part of their commute. For example, Sacramento County’s Regional Transit offers front racks with space for two bikes on their buses available on a first-come, first-served basis. Light Rail allows four bikes per car. Bikes may also be brought aboard Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor trains. Discover cyclist-friendly bus and light rail options.

Use a Convenient Ride Share Bike

Don't have a bike of your own yet? No problem! Ride Share bicycles, e-bikes, and scooters offer options for bicycle commuters that don't have their own wheels. Lime's green and white rides are available to Sacramento commuters.

Find Local Bike Trails

Sacramento is home to a wealth of bike trails, from paths that take you past the sights of the city to winding routes through the nearby countryside. Discover four of the best bike trails in the area.

Sacramento River Parkway Trail

The Sacramento River Parkway wanders along 9.3 miles of the Sacramento River. It takes cyclists through Old Sacramento and past The Railyards. It links to two more local favorite trails, the Two Rivers Trail and the American River Trail, making it easy to extend your ride.

American River Trail

The American River Trail, also called the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, runs from Discovery Park near Old Sacramento to Beal's Point at Folsom Lake. This historic trail was originally created by Jedediah Smith in the 1800s.

Yolo Causeway Bike Path

This beautiful bike path stretches for nearly 4 miles from West Sacramento, along the Yolo Bypass floodplain, connecting to County Route 32A east of Davis. Cyclists can then take Route 32A to connect to the Old Highway 40 Bike Path, which stretches into the heart of Davis.

Johnny Cash Trail

The Johnny Cash Trail is a bike path in Folsom, CA. It connects with the American River Bike Trail, offering cyclists the chance to extend their ride! This 2.5-mile trail was named for the legendary singer himself, who performed at Folsom Prison in 1968.

Sacramento is a haven for cyclists, with plenty of bike trails for every rider! Discover 7 more bike trails in the area, and then another 5 more!

Shop Local at Sacramento Bike Shops

Interested in joining Sacramento's community of cyclists, or just looking to update your ride? These local bike shops can guide you through the whole process.

Natomas Bike Shop

3291 Truxel Road, Sacramento, CA, USA
Shop Here

Kinetic Cycle

535 La Sierra Drive, Sacramento, CA 95864
Shop Here

Sutterville Bicycle Company

2365 Sutterville Bypass, Sacramento, CA 95822
Shop Here

Trek Bicycle Sacramento

2419 K Street, Sacramento, CA, 95816
Shop Here

The Bicycle Business

3077 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95818
Shop Here

Whether you're biking to work or getting the family out for a ride on the weekend, Sacramento offers trails and paths for every cyclist. If you’re part of Sacramento's cycling community, share your tips with us on social media.

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